We are all FutureSurfers, surfing into the future with a backpack full of strengths and passions.

Everyone needs to be entrepreneurial

According to Paul Brown, writing for Forbes magazine in May, everyone will have to become an entrepreneur. Put it another way – even if you don’t ever start a business, even if you don’t have a clue about what P&L or ROI stand for and don’t ever want to find out – if you want to work in the future you need to start seeing yourself differently.

Why? Because for most of us (and the younger you are now, the more this is relevant) the future will involve a number of job and even career changes as a matter of survival. And just like Darwin’s theory, it’s survival of the fittest. In a world in which contract work and part-time work is prevalent; those who have an entrepreneurial attitude and skills will thrive. Those who are still working to the outdated set of rules that say, “if you have good qualifications you can get a good job,” will be likely to struggle.

So what does ‘being entrepreneurial’ really mean, if it’s not about understanding balance sheets or wanting to be a millionaire?

  • Developing a greater awareness of your skills and strengths – knowing what makes you unique and how you stand out.
  • Being willing to take risks – experimenting with career possibilities and capitalising on interests that could earn you money
  • Looking outside your everyday experience to identify opportunities that could be relevant to your future or to your friends, family or others in your network.

What does ‘being entrepreneurial’ mean to you? Is there a better word to describe the attitude that FutureSurfers need to have?

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